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Today, Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present generations without jeopardizing the needs of the future generations”
“Social, economic and environmental needs are inseparable and interdependent components of human progress”
Extract from the UN World Commission on Environment and Development Report (1987)

True to the above statement we believe that Sustainability has three elements, Economic, Environment, and Social. They go hand in hand and long-term sustainability is not possible with out these three elements.

Although our main focus is to spread awareness about the advantages of the cans and re-cycling, we also realize the importance of recognizing the role played by the people involved in the recycling process and their economic and social welfare.

Each of the member companies is strictly committed and constantly striving to balance our current needs with those of our grandchildren, who deserve a beautiful world just as much as we do.

Rag Pickers:
The scavengers of Indian society, Rag pickers are the major cogs in the recycling wheel. In one way it is true to say that Rag pickers are the main reason behind recycling in India. They deal with all the garbage that we create!

Rising before the sun is up and resting well after mid –night, these Rag pickers live all their lives in the debris of the society, exposed to the most unhygienic wastes. Wastes that you and me will never dream of touching!

To honor the contribution and the important role played by this ignored community, we have decided to provide basic medi-care facilities to rag pickers of India.

This may just be a drop in the ocean but an ocean can only be formed with many such drops.

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