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Sustainability is the key word on which the foundation of HTWL has been laid. Be it the Metal Cans we manufacture or the social responsibility measures we take, sustainable solutions is what we look for. Building on this philosophy, the Launch of Canvironment week has been initiated, aiming to spread awareness about the exclusive sustainable packaging solutions it offers and also encourage individual and organizational participation.
Sanjay Bhatia  
Canvironment Week  

It is with immense pride that I bring to you the Canvironment Week. This global movement is the first of its kind and demonstrates that each of our partners which are can makers, brand owners , education institutions, trade association etc from different parts of the world, from different cultures are all environmentally cautious and are socially responsible who work towards the same cause of ‘Save our Planet’

We believe that Canvironment Week shall make a significant difference, bring along the spirit of unity and send one strong sustainable global message across the world.
Atit Bhatia
Canvironment Week
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