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The seeds for the birth of the event were sown in the small conference room of Hindustan Tin Works Ltd (HTW).

On completion of 52 yrs of HTW, as the top management team got together for a brain storming session to outline the most effective ways of contributing to the cause ‘Save our Planet’, they realized the need to go Global.

Without wasting a minute they started working towards the Global goal. Hence the cause was born and took the shape of Canvironment week: the first ever ‘United Global Metal Recycling Movement’. The environmental abuse caused by man and his creations over a period of time is a fact, known to one and all. The rapid change occurring in the climate is a warning that it is time for us to become alert and take action.

To return the favors and blessings bestowed upon us by Mother Nature, we are partnering with likeminded global partners who are equally concerned about saving our planet from the disaster of Global warming.

In today’s world of fast food and tight schedules, it is unimaginable to live without the usage of packaging material. Right from the toothpaste you use to the soda cans, almost every product comes ‘packed’ to you. It is a part and parcel of our modern life styles.

Due to its unique quality of 100% recyclability,metal cans are the most sustainable package of the future. Through our initiative, we wish to create a healthy Respect for the environment by promoting the philosophy of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse and spread awareness about the benefits of metal cans.
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